The backup battery within the CPU tray requires replacement as the console ages – a flat battery results in the console loosing its CMOS settings. This document describes the battery replacement procedure for Vista version 1 consoles.

Refer to Tech Note TBJLT113 to establish the tray version (ie V1 or V2) from the serial number. Refer to the Vista Technical Manual for detailed disassembly and reassembly information.

Note: this procedure requires a high skill level and should only be attempted by qualified Electronics Service Technicians experienced in fine pitch PCB rework.

Parts Required

  • One x 3V CR2032 Lithium battery, Jands part number ZDC0055

Tools Required

  • Posi-Drive screwdriver
  • Fine tipped soldering Iron
  • Small pair of Side Cutters
  • Bright worklight


  • Remove the CPU tray from the console chassis as per the Technical Manual.
  • Remove the CPU tray lid as per the Technical Manual.
  • Take a photograph of the tray internals for reference during re-assembly.
  • Remove the CPU Interface card assembly as per the Technical Manual.
  • Referring to the photograph below, locate the battery on the CPU card near the main power connector. Disconnect cables as necessary to gain access to the battery.
  • image005

  • Using the side cutters cut the top (+) battery lead between the weld and the edge of the battery. It may be necessary to push the battery down toward the PCB to get enough space for the side cutters.
  • image006

  • Lift the loose edge of the battery upward to gain access to the remaining battery terminal.
  • Using the soldering iron, remove the old battery and the remains of the + terminal.
  • Insert the new battery + terminal into the PCB, then tilt the battery upward and solder the + terminal to the board.
  • Tilt the battery back to the horizontal and insert the – terminal into the board. Solder the – terminal to the board.
  • Reassemble the CPU tray, verifying all connections against the photograph taken in step #3 and/or the one below. Double-check the wiring in the vicinity of the main power connector.
  • Test the Tray by making all connections to the console and verifying normal operation. This is best done with the lid removed. Note that the CMOS settings must be reset as per the Vista T4/T2 Technical Manual.
  • Reassemble the tray and the console.
  • Test the console for normal operation.
  • image008