Periodically user will be required to access data and diagnostic files generated by the console. This Tech note describes the procedure to be followed to access diagnostics and show files that are on the Vista T4, T2, and I3 console hard drives.

There are two methods to access show files and diagnostic files – Export via USB and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Archiving and Exporting Files via USB

Parts Required

  • USB Stick of an appropriate size. This will be determined by the amount of data to be archived or exported.


  • Start the console in the normal manner.
  • Once the console has completed the boot up sequence, insert a USB disk. The slot in the armrest is recommended because of ease of access.
  • On the console, open the “Vista” Menu.
  • Select “Export”.
  • Select “USB” (as illustrated in Figure 1).

Figure 1 – Vista Menu to Export Files


Vista will default to the “Data” directory.

If exporting the consoles diagnostics files, open the folder entitled “diagnostic files”. Show files that are being archived are found in the “data” directory.

Vista will ask the user to select the files to be exported (See Figure 2)

Figure 2 – Selecting Files to be Exported


  1. Once the files have been selected, Vista requires the user to select a destination directory. Vista will default to the USB drive if a USB device has been installed correctly.

Figure 3 – Selecting Destination Directory


  1. Press “OK” and once the files have been transferred, remove the USB drive.

Files are now ready for archiving or sending to another party.

Archiving and Exporting Files via FTP Client

Jands recommends using a graphical FTP client such as FileZilla (http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/) to simplify the process.

Note – This is a suggestion based on an internet search. Our suggestion should not be taken as endorsement of any one of these programs.

The console must be connected to a network. Its IP address can be viewed and set through the Vista User Preferences dialog. Connection details:

  • FTP server address: The IP address of your console.
  • FTP username: vista-user
  • FTP password: user

Figure 4 – FTP Client Menu


Vista will default to the “Data” menu on the console. Subfolders are also displayed and files can now be transferred to and from the Vista.

To transfer show files from the console to a PC, click on the desired show file on the remote site (the console) and drag them across to the local site (PC), placing them in the desired directory.

To transfer diagnostic files, first open the “diagnostic files” sub-directory and then transfer to the local site.

Figure 5 – Transferring Diagnostic Files

Files are now ready for archiving or sending to another party.