The Vista I3 video output card has been replaced with an alternative type. The new type results in both physical changes to the console and operational changes to the video outputs. This Tech Note describes the changes.


This change applies to Vista I3 consoles with serial number F09xxx and later.


image004The two graphics card types are shown below.


Prior to F09xxx


F09xxx and later


Slight physical changes to the chassis to suit the change in DVI connector position require that the correct card be fitted to a particular chassis.


The change alters how the outputs are allocated at startup.

I3 consoles built prior to the change give the analogue (DB15) connector a higher priority – if an active monitor is found on this port the operating system allocates that monitor as the primary by outputting the Vista main screen to that display.

I3 consoles build after the change however always allocate the digital (DVI) connector as the primary screen – it is not possible to output the Vista main screen to the analogue (DB15) connector. However if it is necessary to run an analogue (DB15) display as the primary display, that display should be connected to the digital (DVI) connector using the DVI to DB15 adaptor supplied with the console.