This procedure describes the process for forcing a Vista L5 to boot from a USB device.

Parts Required

USB device with L5 specific console iso loaded according to the instructions outlined in TBJLT119. Note that due to the inverted display in this console this procedure can be facilitated if an external keyboard is used while standing behind the console.


  1. Insert the USB device into a console USB port.
  2. Power on console.
  3. Press the “F2” button repeatedly while the console boots up until the console goes into the BIOS menu. (The screen will be upside down.) The following dialogue box will appear:
  4. image002

  5. Select “No” and press <Enter>.
  6. Using the navigation arrows on the keyboard, navigate to the “Boot Menu” and press <Enter>. The console will display the available Boot parameters.
  7. image004


  8. Navigate to “Hard Drive BBS Priorities” and press <enter>. The console will display the current boot device order.
  9. Select “Boot Option #1” and press <Enter>. The console will display a list of the bootable devices it has found.
  10. From this list highlight the device that is the USB FLASH drive you wish to boot from and press <Enter>.
  11. image011

  12. Press “Esc” to exit
  13. Navigate to the “Save and Exit”.
  14. The system will now ask you to save all settings. Select “Yes” and press <Enter>.

The system will now exit the BIOS menu and boot from the USB device.

There is no requirement to reverse this process when booting the console normally.