This Technical Bulletin describes a number of changes required to be made to the L5 BIOS and tablet settings to allow normal console usage. Both changes detailed within are required.


These changes will be applied at the factory from serial number B12xxx onwards.

Parts Required

No parts are required. However BIOS changes can be more easily made if an external keyboard is used to make the changes while the operator is standing at the rear of the console.

BIOS Procedure

The primary graphics adaptor must be set to the PCI-E card as follows:

  1. Power on console.
  2. Press the “F2” button repeatedly while the console boots up until the console goes into the BIOS menu. (The screen will be upside down.) The following dialogue box will appear:
  3. image002

  4. Select “No” to load the previous values.
  5. Using the navigation arrows on the keyboard, navigate to
  6. “Chipset” ->

    “North Bridge” ->

    “Initiate Graphics Adaptor”

    and set it to “PEG/IGD”.

  7. Press <Enter>
  8. Press “Esc” to exit
  9. Navigate to the “Save and Exit”.
  10. The system will now ask you to save all settings. Answer “Yes”.

Tablet Procedure

The tablet controls are locked unless it is in Custom mode as follows:

  1. Power on console and wait for it to fully startup.
  2. Using the tablet controls in the armrest, navigate to
  3. “RGB” ->

    and select “CUSTOM”.

  4. Press Exit.