This Technical Bulletin describes the procedure to setup the i3 for two screen operation with Vista 2 (Byron) software. Note that in two-screen operation Byron restricts the main programming (GUI) display to the analogue DB-15 connector, and the secondary display to the DVI connector.


All Vista i3 product.

Parts Required

No parts are required, however both displays must be connected to the console while the procedure is followed.


  1. Plug the monitors into the console and ensure they have power and are turned on.
  2. Press the power button on the console and wait for it to start.
  3. Select File -> Quit Application and follow the prompts.
  4. image001

  5. At the System Menu select Video Settings. The NVidia Control Window will open.
  6. Select X Server Display Configuration.

  7. The window will expand to show something like the image at right. image006image005

  8. The two rectangles on the right of the window represent the two displays. Select the display that’s marked as Disabled – when selected it will be highlighted with a red border.
  9. Select Configure. A new window will open.

  10. Select Separate X Screen.
  11. image011

  12. Select OK
  13. If you’re not using interactive displays eg ELO or Wacom types, or you have only one interactive pen display and it’s plugged into the 15pin analogue D-Sub connector, proceed to step 13.
  14. image013

  15. Select the X Screen tab.
  16. In the Position field select Left Of.
  17. Select Save to X Configuration file. A confirmation window will open.
  18. Select Save.
  19. Select Quit. A confirmation window will open.
  20. Select Quit.
  21. Select Reboot for the changes to take effect.

When restarted the console will now show the main Vista window on one display, and an external window on the other.

Common Problems

There is only one display (rectangle) shown in step 6.

The second display was not detected properly. This is because either the display doesn’t support detection via the DDC channel, or the cables were unplugged or display turned off/unpowered when the console was first powered up. Both displays must be connected and powered up when the console power button is pressed.

The console crashes if I change other settings in the NVidia control panel.

The NVidia control panel is quite complex and it is possible to configure it so that the console crashes, requiring a re-iso to rectify. It is recommended that users do not change any other settings other than those listed above in the NVidia control panel.

I made the changes but when I restart the console the changes didn’t have any effect.

Please ensure steps 10 and 11 are followed, and that the filename in these steps is not altered.