Models affected

The tech note refers to the operation of the HASP Sentinel Drivers for use with Windows 8 PCs.

Tools required

  • Windows PC
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Procedure

    1. Copy and paste the below web link into your internet browser.
    2. http://sentinelcustomer.safenet-inc.com/sentineldownloads

    3. Select and download the “Sentinel HASP/LDK – Command Line Run-time Installer”
    4. Read and agree to the terms of the HASP license agreement that have appeared in your web browser.
    5. After pressing “accept” the Windows 8 driver will start to download.
    6. “Save” this download to a place on your computer. The example in this instruction document shows the file being saved to the computers desktop.
    7. image002image004

    8. Unzip the contents of the download to a folder on your PC. Again in the example below the contents are simply unzipped to the desktop.
    9. To unzip the contents of the folder:
      i) open the zipped folder by double clicking it. This will open a new window.
      ii) Drag and drop, by holding down the left mouse button, the “haspdinst.exe” file to your desktop. This will extract the file automatically for you.


    10. Open the Windows command line. To do this:
      i) press the Windows logo key + R. This will open the run dialog box.

      ii) type in “cmd” and press “ok”. This will then open the command prompt window.


    11. In the command line window type “cd desktop” and press [enter].

      (Note: “desktop” is the file location where we extracted our downloaded file to. If you did not extract the download to your desktop please specify your file path here.)


    12. Next type “Haspdinst.exe –install” and press [enter]. The installer should then launch and install your new drivers.
    13. image014

    14. Once installed you should see the “operation successfully completed” window. Press “ok”
    15. image016

    Your drivers have now have been updated. Plug in your dongle; it is now ready to be used with the Jands Vista software.