S3, S1, M1 shows ‘Searching for Vista’ message

To change from Vista 1.13 to Vista V2 (ie upgrade):

  • Exit Vista V1.
  • Disconnect or switch off any Jands Vista Control Surfaces.
  • Launch Vista V2.
  • Reconnect or switch on the USB consoles.

To change from Vista V2 to Vista 1.13 (ie revert):

  • Exit Vista V2.
  • Disconnect or switch off any Jands Vista Control Surfaces.
  • Launch Vista.
  • Press and hold the yellow and red modifiers on each USB console.
  • Reconnect or switch on the USB consoles.

My console doesn’t recognise the software update package

If you get this message:
Invalid package – This package is not valid update package. Do you want to try another one?
while trying to update a Vista console.

  1. Check that you are downloading the correct update package for your console. There are two packages, one for the L5 and newer I3 consoles and another for the T4, T2 and older I3s
  2. Check that the file is actually a .tgz file. Sometimes it gets renamed during the download process to .tar or other file type. If this you will need to change the settings on your browser.
  3. Check that the size of the file corresponds to the size shown on the download page. The update package is a compressed file and sometimes gets automatically expanded after being downloaded. Vista will only accept the compressed file

Mac error: Vista v2 / Byron can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

This is a Mac OSX security issue. To fix the problem:

  1. In System Preferences select the ‘Security & Privacy’ panel.
  2. If the panel is locked click the padlock icon in the lower left corner to make changes.
  3. In the ‘Allow applications downloaded from:’ section select the ‘Anywhere’ button.

You can change this preference back after you’ve installed and run Vista v2 at least once.